• CORK WITH CUSTOM BAR TOP: aglomerado etc tipos s1 s2
  • CLOSURES: We offer thousands of choices across all materials and shapes. We can guide you to choose the closure that meets your visual and functional requirements from
  • CASES, FOLDING & LUXURY PACKAGING: We offer folding as boxes and trays, all with different folding techniques. They can be manufactured in flat or pre-glued for manual or automatic assembly according to your needs.


The flexibility of this product allows you to design “curves” to create containers with innovative ways to differentiate their product from the competition. The form, together with the high quality printing, make an attractive package that maximizes the impact of the brand.

You can also include the insertion of windows to improve the appearance of the package and provide the final consumer an excellent product visibility.

The folding packaging environmental benefits, as this light material eliminates costs of the supply chain and is 100% recyclable.

  • Varnish: Bright lacquer protection or matte, according to customer requirements. There is a wide range of alternatives, where stands the UV varnish.
  • Flexography: Press system high quality printing, which allows a lower cost tag, ideal for large print runs.
  • Hot Stamping: metallic pigments that are printed through rotary heat transfer.
  • Cold Laminated: Polypropylene films, which can be shiny or matte, to give protection to the product.
  • Letterpress: Letterpress printing press system by which a higher definition and clarity, more intense than offset is obtained.
  • Combined process: Is the application of different types of online printing, silkscreen, letterpress, hot stamping and flexography.
  • Serigraphy: ideal for achieving high density and coverage, due to the thickness of applied ink, especially highlighting prints printing transparent material.
  • Punching:
  • 5000 mts2 area of warehouse
  • 3000 pallet storage
  • Cold Room
  • Two (2) plant floors
  • Elevator
  • Zone of Charge and Discharge


  • LOGISTICS SERVICES: To help satisfy launch demands for all packaging components, we’ve streamlined the supply chain requirements and we carefully manage each step of the process. With an strategical warehouse location in Colon Free Zone, Panamá, our Strategic Inventory Management System enables us to handle your logistical requirements reliably and cost-effectively, so you can concentrate on your commercial strategy.